“Sunward Premier” Global Exchange Conference Held Successfully on Conexpo

2020-03-12 38

At 4 pm EST on March 11, Sunward Group held a live event with the theme "Sunward Premier" on Conexpo. The event was hosted by Dick Cai, general manager of Sunward USA.


Sunward Chairman Professor He Qinghua said in his speech that Sunward has been supported by US agents and customers since entering the US market, and thank them here.


Sunward has been insisting on product technology and innovation since the day it was founded. The product demonstrated today at Conexpo is reliable. Sunward is one of the few companies in the country that first realized the batch export of excavators in developed countries in Europe and the United States.



  Sunward Group has established a company in the United States and established a localized professional operation team. Mr. Mike Flowers, Chief Operating Officer of Sunward USA, said that Sunward not only brings products to the United States but more importantly, Sunward USA has a sound quality assurance system, spare parts system and financial system to support the US agents and customers. This remark made the attendees know more about the development of Sunward USA.



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