Newly-appointed CEO of Sunward Europe Announcement

2020-03-17 110

Dear Dealers, Customers and Media Friends,


Thank you for your long-standing support and great kindness to Sunward!


In 2001, the newly established Sunward embarked on the journey of independent research and development of excavators in a leased factory and established a complete excavator supporting system in Changsha, becoming a forerunner in the mass production of excavators meeting modern standards in China. In April 2005, several beautiful and distinctive "Sunward Green" excavators attracted the attention of a large number of viewers and customers at the SAMOTER engineering machinery exhibition in Verona, a famous historical city in Italy. This was the first time that Chinese brand excavators made a high-profile appearance at a large exhibition in the world's top market. Despite the impact of Corona Virus this year, Sunward Europe achieved more than 40% and 100% growth in January and February respectively. Facing such a high-end market, in order to strengthen the management of Sunward Europe, make further achievements in the European market in terms of the excavator industry, and build a veritable international well-known brand, Sunward announced the formal appointment of Mr. Arnaud BERTHIER, an excellent professional manager, as CEO of Sunward Europe. This is also another landmark event following Sunward USA in promoting the localized management of overseas subsidiaries and accelerating the internationalization of the enterprise.


Mr. BERTHIER identifies with Chinese culture, shares the same management concept with me, and has many years of industry experience. I believe he will play a significant role in looking into customer needs, providing excellent customer service and expanding the market, especially in the overall planning and development of Sunward Europe. Under his leadership, the young and outstanding team of Sunward Europe will surely better serve the customers and support the dealers, and create more impressive performance.


Thank you!




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Chairman He Qinghua

March 8, 2020



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