Product Features

Small, flexible and easy to operate

Flexible switching between two speeds

The proportional pilot hydraulic control lever is easy to operate, effort-saving and sensitive; Dual-throttle control with the hand throttle for constant power applications and the foot throttle for shoveling and loading; Wide field of view and easy access. All buttons and switches are easily accessible as they are just in the front of the cab; Dual-speed traveling and two-position speed control for fast transfer to another site.

Multi-purpose and versatile

International quick-change device, for quick and easy replacement of various accessories;

Equipped with a large-discharge system, to meet the needs of many large-discharge attachments; Standard hydraulic horizontal lift, to keep the angle between the bucket and the ground unchanged, preventing materials from falling; Standard floating function, to ensure the bucket or accessory devices always attached to the ground closely and to enable simple operation; With micro-traveling function, for fine control of traveling motions.

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