Product Features

Strong walking system makes it shuttle freely under various working conditions

Adapt to various complex terrain

Mini and small excavators are suitable for small-scale projects such as urban reconstruction and farmland irrigation and water conservancy, and various narrow areas. Medium and large excavators are suitable for various earthworks and mining works.

Market performance

Compact, flexible, safe and comfortable

As the pioneer leading the national brands of excavators in China and ranking among the top 20 excavator manufactures in the world, Sunward's products are energy-efficient and reliable. Adhering to the concept of pilot innovation, Sunward's domestic sales are increasing year by year and, at the same time, more than 15,000 excavators are sold in Europe, which fully demonstrates the strength of Sunward's excavators.

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All configurations in the product list of this website are based on actual machines. To meet customers needs and the relevant national legal requirements, Sunward will improve product technological continuously. SUNWARD Equipment Co., Ltd. reserves the right to modify the above configurations and specifications without making to be notified separately