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Higher reliability, working efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Better adaptability and comfortability

Sunward’s rock drilling equipment have continuously created wealth for customers in various blasting construction projects with their advanced technology, first-class quality and perfect after-sales service system!

Easy and convenient to operate, comfortable and environmentally-friendly, maneuverable and flexible

Super off-road capability, high efficiency, low operating cost

Featuring the maximum drilling diameter of up to 270mm, they have experienced severe test in extreme heat of up to 45°C in Africa and extreme cold in Siberia, and have successfully realized normal operation at 50m underwater and 5,300m in Tibet.

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All configurations in the product list of this website are based on actual machines. To meet customers needs and the relevant national legal requirements, Sunward will improve product technological continuously. SUNWARD Equipment Co., Ltd. reserves the right to modify the above configurations and specifications without making to be notified separately